Friday, April 18, 2008

Conducting experiment underwater..

I was in Tioman Island from 19 Mac conducting my Ph.D research and will be going back home in kajang this coming monday, 21st April. During the course of my work, i have logged in 2400++ minutes of dive time, with 3 dives everyday. My first dive is dawn dive, where i need to get some reading from my experiment before sunrise or before the sunlight is strong enough to activate the photosynthesis processes of the corals (by zooxanthellae). The 2nd and 3rd dive is when i need to spent 100 minutes each to conduct an experiment underwater. sounds tiring, but i can assure you it is beyond exhaustion, physically and mostly mentally. Long dive really gets you mentally, which sometime make you feel so numb and can't process problems faster. Luckily i've bought a ponybottle for my backup air as i dive alone :p...for most of the time. Below is some of the photos whilst i was conducting my research experiment. Most of it were taken by my bro Badrul (same mentor :D) and Abang Manap (Tioman Marine Park Instructor) when they came along for some of the dive :).

This is my research experiment setup. This site is chosen because it is logically sound for me to reach it anytime of the day, and quite far away from other colonies to have and effect from my work.

One of the coral nubbins which is attach on the 'Nubbin Platform' .

Another view of the nubbins on the nubbins platform.

"Do not Disturb" sign which is essential to keep away any curious diver passing by to touch touch (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

"Write...write...write..ehh...where was i???" (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

Setting up the diving PAM before starts of experiment (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

Taking reading using the diving PAM (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

This is how the diving PAM function...(Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

Another view during taking reading using the diving PAM (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

M playing doctor doctor with the corals heheheh...(Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

The photos show how i conduct my experiments underwater using a BIG syringe (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

Top view of my experiment site (Photo: Badrul Huzaimi)

This is taken during one of the dawn dive (Photo: Abd. Manap)

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Hi kee!!! love the blog. almost miss marine science...ALMOST! :))