Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dugong Autopsy :D (Please be advised, NOT for the faint-hearted)

One peaceful evening, Affendi called and said "Interested to autopsy dugong hehehehe...?". I said "YES!!!" right away... Apparently there was a dugong carcasses found nearby a beach in Johor. Affendi of Univ. Malaya was involved in Dugong project previously and they got his contact and called him. So with the support of UMMReC & MSMS, they manage to transport the carcass to Univ. Malaya to determine the cause of death. Ms. Jillian Ooi brought out the manual by Dr. Helen Marsh and we follow the manual all the way! We started around 6.30am and finished at 8pm. All of us smelled of rotten flesh and were exhausted from cutting and hacking the dugong's meat and bones. It was a valuable experience for us and we was ask if we will do it again, and all of our answers was "......................"

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