Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tenggol Island 2007 Excursions

In July 2007, I went to Tenggol Island with my wife, Dr. Norhayati & Jennie (postgraduate student) for a diving excursions organised by Edvin Eng of Ocean Xplorer. Basically we were supposed to get more underwater photos for an exhibition in UKM. But for me, I wanted to learn more of underwater photography technics from my Sifu, Mr. Edvin Eng :D. He was the one whom inspired me to be better in underwater photography because all this time I alwaz thought that to get a good underwater photos, one must need a DSLR set up. Bt he prove me wrong big time with his out of this world shots! ( He taught us that by adding some add-ons equipment with compact camera, the point & shoot camera can also produce amazing results! The best part was, all the set-up was more cheaper than a DSLR set-up for underwater. So with his guidance and a little tweak here & there..we climbed another level in underwater photography. I'll just let the photos below speak for itselves....

Thanks a million to my Sifu, EDVIN ENG

My wife in action :D

Sifu (the guy in the middle) is showing how he created his magic.

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